2015/2016 Talk about Feynman Diagrams in the Seminar of Prof. Borzeskowski (TUB) to Quantum Field Theory

2016 Talk about Linear Einstein Field Theory in the Seminar of Prof. Borzeskowski (TUB) to Gravitational Waves

2016 Talk about Loop Quantum Cosmology with a massive scalar field in the Seminar of the group Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories at Albert-Einstein-Institute (Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics)

Working Experience

Since November 2015       Bachelor Thesis at Albert-Einstein-Institut (Max-Planck Gesellschaft)


Working in the research Group of Dr.Oriti: Microscopic quantum structure and dynamics of spacetime.


2014 April-Dezember        Student Assistant GRK 1558


AG Engel- Theoretical Physics in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation. Working on propagating waves through varying cross channels.


2011                                Internship at DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchroton, Research Centre of the Helmholtz Association)


Voluntary internship on „experimenting with cosmic particles“ with additional development of a work based on the research-question: What is the relation between the rate of detected Muons and the angel the detectors are placed at?


Since WS 2012                 Study of Physics B.Sc. Technische Universität Berlin


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